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Development and Production of solutions and systems in vacuum forming according to customer’s needs

About us

K.S.R Plastic Industries ltd. was founded in 1992, by the merging of three companies in the field of plastics.

The Elpam Group recently completed acquisition of the company in consideration of its business potential and with the aim of developing and expanding its operations.

The company is engaged in the development and production of solutions and products from advanced thermoplastic materials using vacuum forming technology according to customer requirements. Providing services from the prototype stage through models and pre-series to mass production series.

K.S.R specializes in parametric processing of thick materials (up to 6 mm) and is considered the leading and most advanced company in Israel in this field.

Complementary machining is performed with pentaxial CNC routers, gluing, painting and final assembly .

Company Management

Mr. Shimon Algali Brings with him a very rich experience as CEO.
Shimon has operated production centers not only in Israel but also in the far east & India, as well in many market fields such as High-Pressure Plastic Mold
build\design & injection, double injection, over Molds, Vacuum Forming,
PCBA (EMS) FTK of integrated systems, sub-assemblies, imbedded systems,

Shimon holds MBA Degree in Business Management as well he is a Management Director.

Shimon Algaly


Iky Koenig


Shuki has a cumulative experience of about 40 years in the world of plastics. Shuki managed the Ampek company from which K.S.R. developed. Shuki is one of the 4 founders of K.S.R. and has, over the years, accompanied hundreds of the company's customers in thousands of projects for which the company has provided unique solutions both in the design and production stages. Today, Shuki is responsible for sales as well as developments and technology in the Company.

Shuki Avital

Chief Sales & Technology Officer

Rita has  experience of over 25 years in the industrial world. Rita previously managed the purchasing and production planning at A.L.K Glass for 7 years. She then held the position of production, planning and control director at Isramat for two years.Rita has managed the purchasing production planning and logistics at K.S.R Plastic Industries for 15 years.Today, Rita managa the engineering processes.

Rita holds a degree in Industrial Practical Engineering & Management from Tel Aviv College.

Rita Zaretzky

Production & Eng. Manager

Anat Yerushalmi has started working as Bookkeeper Accounting & Procurement dep.

Starting from 2004, under her responsibility HR & Purchasing Dep. in Israel

Anat Yerushalmi

HR & Purchasing Manager

Orna has been managing the customer relations at K.S.R.

In the scope of her activity, Orna is responsible for submitting quotes and approving sales orders.

She is also responsible for issuing invoices and shipping bills along with payment collection.

Orna Blum

Customer Relations Manager


Alexandra Responsibility is for Company Finance reports, as well as Procurement
of Raw Materials abroad

Alexandra Danci

Director of Finance & Overseas Procurement

Our Customers

Products & Solutions

Capitalizing on the advantages of K.S.R.'s solutions, the company is active in a number of different areas


Hydroponic growing facilities and a culture medium that ensures full efficiency of irrigation systems.


Solutions for signboards that allow large and light fixtures that withstand long-term sunlight during the day and decorative lighting at night.

Food & Beverages

Food packaging + production machine parts that meet the quality requirements for the food industry and prevent corrosion and mold development.


A variety of original solutions for machine parts. Low cost and fast solutions along with weight reduction as alternatives for metal parts.


A variety of lightweight solutions that are a perfect alternative to metallic parts while withstanding the typical vibration and shock regimen.


Parts for passenger cars that meet the required standards with emphasis on the field of flame retardants.

אייקון תחום התעופה


A variety of solutions with flame retardant materials in compliance with aviation standards.


Machine parts for medical and aesthetic applications, along with assemblies for the pharmaceutical industry, that meet the requirements for preventing the accumulation of bacteria and mold.


Radomes for antennas that ensure optimal transmission efficiency of radio radiation and minimal attenuation.

אייקון תחום התעופה_1


Specially designed molds for retaining walls and revetments that ensure protection when working in a harsh environment with concrete materials.

Vacuum Forming

The vacuum production process is a thermoformic process, in which a plastic sheet is heated to a high temperature, stretched on a mold with a configured surface and impacted onto the mold as a result of a vacuum. This process can be used to create solutions and products from plastic for fixed objects such as illumination signs and protective covers on the one hand and a variety of solutions for industry on the other. Relatively deep parts can be created by combining pneumatic support systems that are integrated into the process in contact with the surface of the mold during the vacuum process.

Values & Quality Policy

וי אדום אייקון We are motivated first and foremost by our desire to provide the best service alongside the best product and solution.

וי אדום אייקון  We are geared towards innovation and technology as reflected in the design and production.

וי אדום אייקון We work tirelessly to improve ourselves alongside the quality of the services we provide.

וי אדום אייקון We operate in full transparency and integrity in our long-term relationship with our customers and suppliers.

וי אדום אייקון We appreciate our employees and partners.

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Products & Solutions

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Values & Quality Policy

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